Composite resins

We provide different composite resins reinforced with nanomaterials to enhance their properties. We work mainly with epoxy resins, and with vinyl ester, polyester or acrylic resins.

In Applynano we have developed resins which incorporate graphene oxide (GO) for continuous fiber reinforced composites (fiberglass, carbon …) by infusion and RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding). These composites can be used in aircraft components, wind turbines, bridges, automobiles or crafts.

Our composites improve fiber-resin adhesion so that there is an increase in stiffness, toughness, and resistance to crack generation and propagation. Therefore, a significant increase in the life of the product is obtained.


Epoxi resin + GO

Epoxi resin with suspended graphene oxide

Improvement of the mechanical properties the composite and the resin with graphene oxide


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