In Applynano we have a wide range of products, from direct supply of raw nanomaterials to nanomaterial based composites.

Graphene derivatives: we are producers of graphene oxide or reduced graphene oxide and we are specialists in their applications as nanoadditives in composites. We can supply graphene in different formats, either powder, paper foil or suspensions.

Resin composites: we can manufacture various resins with graphene oxide for the production of fiber composites. These resins improve mechanical strength and increase product life. We work mainly with epoxy and polyester resins with dispersed graphene oxide.

Thermoplastics and 3D Filament: we supply thermoplastic polymers (polyaniline, PLA, nylon, PET, PP, etc.) with graphene or other nanomaterials for specific applications, including the manufacturing of 3D filaments. We also have a conductive graphene filament for 3D printing.

We also offer specific Solutions tailored to our customers needs, for whom we carry out development projects of new products with graphene and other nanomaterials.

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