Automobile industry

The automotive industry can also take advantage of two of the most important physical properties of graphene, such as its mechanical strength and lightness. These properties allow the manufacture of several parts of a car, from the outer parts to the chassis frame.

Composite resins with graphene can additionally provide an anti-scratch effect (in headlights or in body paint). Furthermore, these composites could avoid the accumulation of electrostatic charge due to the electrical conductivity of graphene. With reinforced thermoplastic polymers, moreover, inner pieces of the automobiles can also be manufactured.

Another possible application, taking advantage of the high thermal conductivity of graphene, would be as additive in the brakes, to act as a lubricant and reduce the heat produced by friction.

Finally, another application related to the automotive industry could be the use of graphene in batteries, to improve the loading speed and increase storage capacity.

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